Attract New App Users and Incentivise Existing Users With Private Offline Events

When thinking about marketing their apps, many app creators only consider online opportunities such as buying Facebook ads, Google ads and distributing coupon codes. They send electronic press releases in hopes of getting featured on popular websites. They also pursue Instagram and YouTube influencers, often forgetting that doing things offline can be really powerful, too.

For example, Yelp is an online review platform, yet it regularly organises offline events for its top reviewers. It also buys tickets to various offline events that it gives to its top users. This way, people get to meet each other, try some great food during high-end receptions and have interesting experiences.

To run an offline event, you do not have to spend a lot of money. You can choose a business or a venue where you want to organise the event and book the venue during its off-peak hours. For example, a restaurant may be really busy and expensive on a Friday night, yet empty on a Saturday morning, which may be a great time to introduce your users to one another.

Whatever you do, you want to position the event as an exclusive invitation-only affair. To have people show up, you need to describe what exactly they are going to get. It may be food or meeting some interesting people. The offer needs to be somewhat exclusive and only available to people who attend. Otherwise, there will be not enough incentive for people to show up.

The more unusual and extravagant the event, the better it is. Whatever you do, try to incorporate food and beverages into it. You can also provide entertainment such as a music band or a celebrity. A celebrity can be a niche celebrity such as an expert in a certain industry or a niche. For example, an app about fashion and style can organise an event with a professional image consultant that will give free personalised tips during the event.

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