The Issue With Free Promotional Offers

Many marketers and businessmen significantly underestimate the hardships of trying to get users take advantage of certain free offers. For example, it may seem to a marketer that an in-app offer for a free consultation should be a no-brainer. In reality, your users may have a lot of fears and anxiety about the offers that to you, seem innocent.

With a free consultation offer, users may be afraid that they will be talking to a salesperson who will try and sell them something. They imagine a pushy sales person and having to back out of a sale. This is not an experience that anybody wants to have. Talking to a financial advisor or a medical professional can be painful if a person doesn’t have his finances in order or has been neglecting his or her health. You want to think these such issues before you even craft your promotional offers.

At the same time, many users with an evolving level of interest would take a step forward if the step is smaller than talking to a live person. The offer with the lowest threshold resistance is the offer for free information. Often, you can both attract users and position yourself as an expert if you explain how users can make a choice in your industry.

For instance, if you are selling a productivity app, you can give away a guide for different methods of productivity. In your guide, blog, and materials, you can also talk about sustaining a high level of energy and staying productive for a long time.

An offer to get a free guide is completely unthreatening, yet it can bring you a lot of new users and people interested in the subject of productivity. After you send them your materials, you can create a funnel that explains why they should be using your app and how the app can make their lives better.

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