Promotions to Get Your Lost Users Back

When creating a marketing strategy to get more active users, many app developers focus solely on attracting new users to use the app. Often, they don’t do anything about those who have been using the app for some time and then stopped doing so.

On average, it is about five times cheaper to reactivate an old client than to attract a new one. This is because an old client has a relationship with you, knows you and trusts you. Also, you have all the contact information for those who have bought from you in the past. All you need to do is contact them with a really nice offer as to why they need to come back and start using your app again.

One of the best things you can do to keep users active is to determine the point in time when your users became inactive. For example, you may decide that an inactive user is someone who didn’t make a purchase for thirty days. Once you identify inactive users, you want to create a funnel that will attempt to reactivate them. The simplest funnel can consist of a series of emails. You can also create funnels that include making a phone call to a user or sending them direct mail. The goal of a funnel is to have the user come back and use your app again. It is not necessary to have the user make a significant purchase. What you want to accomplish here is to have the user come back into the habit of using the app, and you can accomplish this in a series of small steps. Often, a coupon code for a small amount will do the trick.

Instead of offering one big coupon, offer two small ones. After you offer the first coupon, wait for a week or two before offering the second one. This will help you get the user to come back to the app more than once, which is exactly what you want.

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