Promotions, Free Offers and the Concept of Threshold Resistance

One of the issues that many app creators have is that they think if their app is free, it will be easy to get users onboard. They also often give away free coupon codes and then they are surprised that nobody is using the codes.

One of the big mistakes that inexperienced marketers make is believing that free stuff does not need any selling. In reality, a free option or offer may need even more selling than a paid product. The reason for this is simple: when you offer something for free, people get skeptical. They may think that the offer is free because there is some kind of a catch or gimmick attached to it. You need to explain to them why you are making a free offer and convince them that there will be no negative consequences when they use the offer.

Another important point to remember is that today, free is no longer as rare as it was before. Many apps are trying to get customers by giving them free coupon codes or discounts on orders. Because of this, many customers are used to seeing somebody trying to give them something for free and freebies do not sound that exciting anymore.

Alfred Taubman was one of the leading retail shopping mall developers in the United States. He spoke and wrote a lot about the concept of threshold resistance. In this instance, it was about a person walking by a store, looking through a window at the merchandise and then deciding whether to enter the store or not.

This concept applies perfectly to electronic offers. You always want to think about issues that may prevent your users from taking advantage of what you are offering them. Then, you need to find ways to get rid of those issues.

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